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Customer Reviews: What was Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue thinking when they made this movie? Indenture dated July 27, 1765 between Robert Hicks of County of Brunswick, colony of Virginia and Josiah Randal of same, 160a, in County of Bute in Colony of North Carolina and on the waters of great Creek.

Mary Jo Randle

[] 1747 An indenture was made on January 21 between Alexander Bruce Senr.

Mary Jo Randle

Also purchased from Alexander Bruce a tract of land on south side of Meherrin River, 21 Jan 1747, wit Josias Randle, DB 3, p 402, Brunswick Co.
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Believe this is the land known as RANDLE's ORDINARY Most of the children of John and Frances went to Montgomery County, North Carolina: NC Early Census Index, Montgomery County: 1779 RANDLE, Josias 1780 RANDLE, Colbey RANDLE, Isham RANDLE, John RANDLE, Josiah 1787 RANDLE, Colbe, page 005, District 2 RANDLE, Edmond, page 001, District 4 RANDLE, John, page 001, District 4 RANDLE, William, page 001, District 4 1790 Montgomery County, NC census: RANDLE, Benajah, page 414, 01-01-05-00-00 RANDLE, Colby, page 414, 02-03-05-00-00 RANDLE, Edmond, page 415, 01-03-05-00-00 RANDLE, John, page 415, 02-02-07-00-00 RANDLE, Johnson, page 414, 01-04-01-00-00 RANDLE, Paton Peyton , page 415, 01-00-03-00-00 RANDLE, Peter, page 415, 02-03-04-00-00 RANDLE, William, Page 415, 02-03-02-00-00 1800 Mecklenburg County, NC census: Should this be Montgomery? Description: 250 acres on the south side of Maherrin River on Bold Water Run.

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… as WDC Jo Morgan 1993-1995• It is my will and desire that after the death or marriage of my wife that all my personal estate to be equally divided between my three sons John Randall, William Randall and Peter Randall and my daughter Frances Randall only reserving to my son John Randall the first choice and I do nominate and appoint Frances Randall my wife and my friend Arthur Harris executors of this my last will and testatment.

John Randle

August 15, 1756, he was granted 1,470 acres Land office, Richmond, Va.

Mary Jo Randle Net worth, Salary, Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Wiki, Zodiac Sign, Birthday, Fact

Source: Land Office Patents No.

Mary Jo Randle Net worth, Salary, Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Wiki, Zodiac Sign, Birthday, Fact

[] North Carolina, Northampton County Deeds, 1-216, ,.

Mary Jo Randle

Included land's already surveyed on Lightfoot's Creek.